Check out the Dragon Con App for more details on panels, maps, and other information. The Puppetry Track room is A704 in the Marriott, on the Atrium Level.



The Labyrinth Masquerade Ball A magical, exclusive night to celebrate the new special exhibit – Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Journey to Goblin City. Labyrinth or masquerade costume contest judged by Brian Henson! Pose for photos on the Goblin King’s throne and dance to the music from the film and other ‘80s dance favorites. (Sold Out event)
Presenters: Karen PrellBrian Henson

Thu 07:00 pm;  Offsite Center for Puppetry Arts;   2.5 Hour(s);

Puppet Coaching & Characterization Make a good puppet character GREAT! An amazing opportunity to bring your own puppet characters and work one-on-one with professional puppeteers on character development and manipulation.
Presenters: Mike HornerStacey GordonKaren PrellJoshua HoldenHarry LaCosteKristie WintherJim “Nappy” NapolitanoTim LagasseRic WilsonGavin CumminsPat BrymerBill HolznagelMitch SalmAllyson GonzalezThom FountainChristine PapalexisBrian HerringDave Chapman,

Fri 10:00 am;  A704;   1 Hour(s);

Brian Henson’s Evolution of Puppetry A creative journey through the development of the distinctive Henson puppetry technique. Brian will talk about how the Henson style revolutionized puppetry since the creation of the Muppets in the 1950s and how it paved the way for many of the puppetry and animation techniques we see today.
Presenters: Brian HensonDave Chapman

Fri 11:30 am;  Imperial Ballroom;   1 Hour(s);

Aliens, Cats, Gophers, and Fraggles. Puppeteering Iconic Characters Puppeteers share their experiences performing iconic characters from television and film such as Red Fraggle, Salem the Cat, Johnny 5, and the Gopher from Caddyshack!
Presenters: Karen PrellTim Lagasse(M), Pat BrymerThom FountainChristine Papalexis

Fri 01:00 pm;  «» A704;   1 Hour(s);

Puppetry for TV and Film Puppeteers demonstrate the unique skills & techniques used for television & film puppetry referred to as “monitor work” in the industry. Limited audience participation.
Presenters: Stacey GordonKaren Prell(M), Tim Lagasse(M), Pat BrymerChristine PapalexisBrian HerringDave Chapman

Fri 02:30 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);

The Magic Puppet Tea Party PUPPETS ONLY! A social mixer for people who bring puppets to Dragon Con. Don your fanciest frock and join the party! Your puppet will get a chance to mingle with other puppets. [Puppet required to attend.]
Presenters: Mike HornerStacey Gordon(M), Karen PrellJoshua HoldenJessie DelaplaineTim LagasseGavin Cummins,Paul VelasquezBill HolznagelMitch SalmAllyson Gonzalez

Fri 04:00 pm;  « A704;   1 Hour(s);

Farscape: The Wonders We Saw Brian Henson & Gigi Edgley talk about The Jim Henson Company’s landmark television show that brought aliens, puppetry, action, comedy, romance, incredible characters and epic story-telling to science fiction television and was frelling awesome.
Presenters: Gigi EdgleyBrian HensonDave Chapman(M)

Fri 04:00 pm;  «» Imperial Ballroom;   1 Hour(s);

Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Journey to Goblin City at the Center for Puppetry Arts Learn about the behind the scenes magic that went in to creating the Center for Puppetry Arts’ exhibit, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Journey to Goblin City. Hear from the Curators, Designers, Conservators and Archivists as they discuss the research and conservation work behind the exhibit.
Presenters: Panelist: Kelsey Fritz, Panelist: Ryan Sbaratta, Panelist: Russ Vick, Panelist: Bradford Clarke, Panelist: Karen Falk

Fri 05:30 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);

Brian Henson: The Creature Projects Brian Henson recounts his work in television and film bringing fantastic creature puppets to life in The Storyteller, Return to Oz, Dinosaurs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Witches, Little Shop of Horrors, and Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge.
Presenters: Brian HensonDave Chapman(M)

Fri 07:00 pm;  «» Atrium Ballroom;   1 Hour(s);

Puppetry in Education Whether you’re a teacher or librarian who would like to introduce puppetry to your students, or you’re a puppeteer and would like to work with children, in this panel you’ll be introduced to easy projects you can do with kids as well as organization and classroom management tricks.
Presenters: Stacey Gordon(M),

Fri 08:30 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);

Labyrinth Sing and Quote Along: 30th Anniversary We’ll have subtitles on the screen for all of our favorite lines and every single song, so the whole crowd can yell them all out in unison and a few lucky audience members will get to help Karen Prell show how they created some of the magic of the film.
Presenters: Karen Prell(M)

Fri 10:00 pm;  «» Imperial Ballroom;   2.5 Hour(s);

The Shadow Cabaret An evening of shadow theater from some of the top shadow performers at Dragon Con if not the world. Silly, saucy and surreal this performance is intended for an adult audience with a childlike sense of wonder. Come one… Come all… Come slightly inebriated …But don’t come late.
Presenters: Kristie WintherJim “Nappy” Napolitano(M), Myra SuJessie DelaplaineEmily SchubertTim LagasseGavin CumminsMitch SalmAllyson GonzalezDevin Martin
Fri 11:30 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);
Atlanta Film Festival: Best of Puppetry The Atlanta Film Festival continues to become a go-to festival for puppet filmmakers. Check out some of this year’s selections.
Panelist: Darrell Hazelrig,
Sat 01:00 am;  A704;   1 Hour(s);
So You Want to Build a Puppet Join our panel of experts and present to us what kind of puppet you have always dreamed of making. We will brainstorm and give you hints and tips on how to bring that idea into reality. Talk to the people who already know how to build that which you have want to make but didn’t know how.
Presenters: Kathleen O’Shea DavidCheralyn Lambeth

Sat 11:30 am;  « A704;   1 Hour(s);

Create-a-Puppet Workshop: Dragons!!! Make and take your own one-of-a-kind Dragon Con dragon puppet! Fun for ALL ages! Allow 20 minutes.
Presenters: Honey GoodenoughStacey GordonHarry LaCoste,

Sat 11:30 am;  « International South;   1 Hour(s);

Inside the Director’s Studio: Brian Henson Brian Henson delves into his work and approach to directing.
Presenters: Kirk Thatcher(M), Brian Henson

Sat 01:00 pm;  «» Grand Ballroom East-West;   1 Hour(s);

Puppetry of Labyrinth: 30th Anniversary Brian Henson (Hoggle, Puppetry Coordinator)and Karen Prell (The Junk Lady, The Worm) discuss the puppetry behind the beloved and ground breaking fantasy film on its 30th Anniversary.
Presenters: Karen PrellKirk Thatcher(M), Brian Henson

Sat 02:30 pm;  Atrium Ballroom;   1 Hour(s);

The Puppetry of BB-8: Most Adorable Droid in the Galaxy The puppeteers of BB-8 talk about bringing the most adorable in the galaxy droid to life in The Force Awakens and what it is like being the most popular new puppet character in a decade.
Presenters: Brian HerringDave Chapman(M)

Sat 04:00 pm;  «» Grand Ballroom East-West;   1 Hour(s);

Sing-A-Long with Nappy’s Puppets How many of these songs do you know: Little Bunny Foo-Foo? Five Little Ducks? The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly? Five Little Monkeys Jumpin’ on the Bed? Join in the fun as Nappy’s Puppet presents some of the silliest sing-a-long songs know to mankind.
Presenters: Jim “Nappy” Napolitano(M)

Sat 05:30 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);

Timey Wimey Puppet Show The puppet Doctors deck the halls of the TARDIS in the Timey Wimey Puppet Show Christmas Special! River Song and Davros join the festivities…just watch out for Hand Mines! Puppeteer Mike Horner travels thru time and space to present the newest version of his Doctor Who-themed puppet parody.
Presenters: Mike Horner

Sat 07:00 pm;  «» Imperial Ballroom;   1 Hour(s);

The Puppetry of Star Wars Puppeteers from Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens speak about the legacy of Star Wars in the world of puppetry for film and share stories from their experience working on the films.
Presenters: Kirk Thatcher(M), Brian HerringDave Chapman

Sat 08:30 pm;  «» Grand Salon East;   1 Hour(s);

Clothing the Puppet Naked puppets work to a point but what if it needs a frock coat? Armor? A silly hat? Come join us as we reveal our secrets to creating the clothing that will help to cement the character of your puppet. Find out why puppets are easier to cloth than people and harder at the same time.
Presenters: Kathleen O’Shea David(M)

Sat 10:00 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);

Into the Shadows: Shadow Puppetry A panel discussion with a group of real live shadow puppeteers (none of whom have any outstanding warrants). Topics may include one or more of the following: Where da gigs at? What is the weirdest location you ever performed? Why shadow puppets? And Keaton, Cloonie or Affleck?
Presenters: Jim “Nappy” Napolitano(M), Myra SuEmily SchubertTim LagasseGavin CumminsMitch SalmAllyson GonzalezDevin Martin

Sat 11:30 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);

Puppets in Motion (Pictures) It’s late. Why don’t you stumble on in, have a seat in the dark, & watch some messed up/silly/sweet puppet short films.
Panelist: Darrell Hazelrig

Sun 01:00 am;  A704;   1 Hour(s);

Word Play: Clowning Around with the Alphabet “Word Play” its a play on words – literally. Using clowning and puppetry audiences take an adventure through the alphabet, creating puppet characters from colorful puppet letters. It’s the perfect blend of education and entertainment.
Presenters: Honey Goodenough(M), Harry LaCoste

Sun 10:00 am;  A704;   1 Hour(s);

So You Want to Be a Puppeteer Our panel of professional puppeteers will share where and how to get the training to become a professional puppeteer including UCONN, Puppeteers of America, the National Puppetry Conference and your local Guild.
Presenters: Stacey GordonJoshua HoldenJim “Nappy” NapolitanoTim LagasseRic WilsonGavin CumminsAllyson Gonzalez

Sun 11:30 am;  A704;   1 Hour(s);

Extreme Puppet Makeover Bring your homemade puppets and our team of professional puppet builders will give you tips and constructive criticism to take your puppet building to the next level!
Presenters: Mike HornerStacey GordonJoshua HoldenHarry LaCosteKristie WintherTim LagasseGavin CumminsPat BrymerPaul VelasquezBill HolznagelAllyson GonzalezChristine Papalexis,
Sun 01:00 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);
Trilogy Tonight! A Star Wars Puppet Parody Musical A long time ago in a puppet theater far, far away… Mike Horner presents a parody of the original Star Wars trilogy in the form of a musical puppet show written by musician Curt Bright. Horner presented the Episode IV segment in 2015 and returns this year with the entire trilogy!
Presenters: Mike Horner

Sun 02:30 pm;  «» Grand Salon East;   1 Hour(s);

Henson 60th Anniversary Costume Contest Celebrating 60 years of imagination and wonder! Wear your best Henson themed costumes! Our celebrity judges will pick their favorites! Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Fraggle Rock, Farscape, The Muppets, Sesame Street, and more!
Presenters: Stacey Gordon(M), Karen Prell(J), Kirk Thatcher(J), Jim “Nappy” Napolitano(M)

Sun 04:00 pm;  «» Grand Salon West;   1 Hour(s);

Glove Puppetry 101 From Punch & Judy to Greg the Bunny, glove puppets are one of the simplest yet most expressive forms of puppetry. In this workshop you’ll learn the basics of glove puppetry through hands on exercises, manipulation tips and a demonstration of simple construction techniques.
Presenters: Mike Horner(M)

Sun 07:00 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);

The Late Night Puppet Slam Bob & Carl, the Sci-fi Janitors, will be your hosts for a variety show of adult puppet acts featuring the talents of the guests and pros of the Puppetry Track & some other surprise special guests! One of the most unforgettable events of the Con!

Panelist: Bob & Carl: The Sci-Fi Janitors

Mon 12:00 am;  Peachtree Ballroom;   2.5 Hour(s);

Origins of Shadow Puppetry A shadow puppet performance exploring the history & development one of the oldest forms of puppetry. Nappy’s Puppets is dedicated to presenting quality puppet theater to all ages. We entertain, inspire & educate the audience on the range and scope of puppetry.
Presenters: Jim “Nappy” Napolitano(M)

Mon 11:30 am;  A704;   1 Hour(s);

Puppetry 101 – Kids A hands-on workshop inviting young artists to enjoy theatre games and techniques for puppetry! For kids ages 5+ (& kids at heart—but ages 16+ consider the adults-only session).

Presenters: Aretta Baumgartner

Mon 01:00 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);

Puppetry 101 – Adults An intro to puppetry styles and an in-depth exploration of puppetry techniques. Perfect for new puppeteers and the “puppet curious”! Age 16+ ONLY!
Presenters: Aretta Baumgartner

Mon 02:30 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);