Check out the Dragon Con App for more details on panels, maps, and other information. The Puppetry Track rooms are A703 and A704 in the Marriott, on the Atrium Level.


The Labyrinth Masquerade Ball Celebrate the closing of the “Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Journey to Goblin City” exhibit. Guests are encouraged to wear Labyrinth-themed costumes or masquerade costumes and masks. Costume contest judged by Toby Froud and Lisa Henson!
Presenters: Timothy J ClarkeAnnie EvansLisa HensonToby Froud
Lisa Henson: Creating Characters That Last Lisa Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company, discusses the company’s unique approach to character-driven storytelling that has been the foundation of projects like Julie’s Greenroom, Splash and Bubbles, Dinosaur Train, & No, You Shut Up!
Presenters: Lisa Henson
Fri 10:00 am;  Imperial Ballroom;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Extreme Puppet Makeover Bring your homemade puppets, & our team of professional puppet builders will give you tips & constructive criticism to take your puppet-building skills to the next level!
Presenters: Mike HornerStacey GordonTimothy J ClarkeMartin RobinsonDana J SamborskiLyon Forrest HillToby Froud,  Aretta BaumgartnerFri 11:30 am;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Little Shop of Horrors: Bringing Audrey 2 to Life Learn the secrets behind bringing the world’s most famous singing carnivorous plant to life.
Presenters: Martin RobinsonFri 01:00 pm;  « A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Froud Way of Bringing Characters to Life Son of legendary fantasy artists Brian & Wendy Froud, Toby Froud shares his insight into character creation as an artist himself.
Presenters: Toby FroudFri 01:00 pm;  « Grand West;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Do or Do Not, There is No Try – A Discussion on Following Your Dreams ‘That Yoda Guy’ Nick Maley rose from public housing, contributed to the creation of Yoda, succeed as an artist, filmmaker, writer, & entrepreneur. Diverse life experiences give him a unique insight into living outside the box. Be inspired to overcome negativity & achieve your dreams.
Presenters: Nick MaleyFri 02:30 pm;  «» A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Milo the Magnificent Milo is an aspiring entertainer who uses vaudeville-era music & suitcases to unpack his latest achievements in science & magic–which don’t always go as planned. This all-ages puppet show received a Jim Henson Foundation Grant.
Presenters: Alex VernonSarah Olmsted ThomasFri 02:30 pm;  « International North;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Magic Puppet Tea Party PUPPETS ONLY! A social mixer for people who bring puppets to Dragon Con. Don your fanciest frock & join the party! Your puppet will get a chance to mingle with other puppets. NOTE: Puppet required to attend.
Presenters: Mike HornerStacey Gordon(M), Martin RobinsonDana J SamborskiLyon Forrest HillFri 04:00 pm;  « A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
A Conversation with Lisa Henson Lisa Henson, eldest daughter of Jim Henson & CEO of The Jim Henson Company, discusses growing up with & learning from her father as well as highlights from her own career in the TV & film industry, including “Batman” & “Men in Black.” Hosted by John Tartaglia.
Presenters: Lisa HensonFri 04:00 pm;  « Grand West;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Autograph Session: Martin P. Robinson Puppeteer Marty Robinson will be available for autographs & photos.
Presenters: Martin RobinsonFri 05:30 pm;  « A703;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Chiodo Bros.: To Bring Fantastic Characters to Life Sometimes the best stories & characters don’t make it to the big screen. Charles, Stephen, & Edward Chiodo share some of their favorite never-produced (yet) projects. They discuss project development, the presentation packet, & the adventures of pitching in Hollywood.
Presenters: Daniel Griffith(M), Charles Anthony ChiodoEdward ChiodoStephen ChiodoFri 05:30 pm;  « A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Dark Crystal: Expanding the World through Publishing Lisa Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company, dives into The Dark Crystal universe of comics, YA novels, & more. Hear how the world of Thra continues to be explored in publishing & see a sneak peak of what’s to come!
Presenters: Lisa HensonFri 07:00 pm;  Centennial I;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Dark Crystal: Making the Mystics Sculptor Tim Clarke shares his experiences working on the Mystics of The Dark Crystal.
Presenters: Phantom Troublemaker(M), Timothy J ClarkeFri 08:30 pm;  « A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Stacey Gordon: From Dragon Con to ‘Sesame Street’ Puppeteer Stacey Gordon joined the cast of “Sesame Street” in 2016 as Julia, the show’s first character on the autism spectrum. Learn how she got to Sesame Street & how Dragon Con was a stop along the way.
Presenters: Stacey GordonMartin Robinson(M)Fri 08:30 pm;  « Regency V;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Solitary Stories A mesmerizing one-man show from puppeteer Lyon Hill. Using everything from paper cutouts to carved wooden marionettes, Lyon tells a range of stories from the surreal to the sublime, with an often dark but uplifting twist.
Presenters: Lyon Forrest HillFri 10:00 pm;  A703;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Up Past Bedtime with Bean & Bear Superheroes don’t have bedtimes–well, they do, but we’re staying up past ours. Puppet Slam favorites Bean & Bear are the best of friends. They want to be your friend, too! Step into our box fort for a night of puppets, magic, & other bizarre stuff. Don’t forget to wear your favorite PJs!
Presenters: Panelist: Bean & BearFri 11:30 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Atlanta Film Festival: Puppetry Shorts The Atlanta Film Festival continues to become a go-to festival for puppet filmmakers. Check out some of this year’s selections.
Presenters: Panelist: Darrell HazelrigSat 01:00 am;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Finding the Character’s Voice Learn to create unique & memorable voices & characters. This panel is designed for puppet characters, as well as characters for animation & voice overs.
Presenters: Paul Rudolph (GLANK), Martin RobinsonAnnie EvansSat 11:30 am;  « A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Create-a-Puppet Workshop: Dragons! Make and take home your own one-of-a-kind Dragon Con dragon puppet! Fun for ALL ages! Allow 20 minutes.
Presenters: Stacey Gordon, Aretta BaumgartnerSat 11:30 am;  « International South;   1 Hour(s);   Review
John Tartaglia: Puppeteer John Tartaglia joined the cast of Sesame Street at age 16. Since then, his career has taken him to Broadway &and beyond as a puppeteer, actor, writer, & director.
Presenters: John TartagliaSat 01:00 pm;  « A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Chiodo Bros: Killer Klowns from Outer Space Charles, Stephen, & Edward give exciting new insight into the creation of their now-cult classic movie, Killer Klowns from Outer Space. They’ll share behind-the-scenes footage, talk about their future plans for the franchise, & answer as many questions as you can throw at them.
Presenters: Daniel Griffith(M), Charles Anthony ChiodoEdward ChiodoStephen ChiodoSat 01:00 pm;  «» Imperial Ballroom;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Creature Design: The Beginnings of Animatronics & the Secret of Soft Mechanics An all-star panel of creature effects masters discuss the intricacies of designing & fabricating some of pop culture’s most memorable characters.
Presenters: Daniel Griffith(M), Nick MaleyTimothy J ClarkeCharles Anthony ChiodoEdward ChiodoSat 02:30 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Evolution of Digital Puppetry From the original WALDO system to the current Henson Digital Performance System used on shows like Word Party and Splash & Bubbles, The Jim Henson Company has pioneered the technology & art of digital puppetry.
Presenters: John TartagliaSat 04:00 pm;  « A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Stop Motion of LAIKA Toby Froud will speak about his work at the stop-motion animation company LAIKA on films such as Kubo & the Two Strings, The Boxtrolls, & ParaNorman.
Presenters: Toby FroudPanelist: Whitney GraceSat 04:00 pm;  «» Imperial Ballroom;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Dark Crystal: Fandom Forever! Lisa Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company & an executive producer of the upcoming “The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance,” shares some favorite submissions to fan contests including films, creatures, & stories. Learn how these fan contests & contestants have helped to expand the world of Thra.
Presenters: Lisa HensonToby FroudPanelist: Whitney GraceSat 05:30 pm;  « A601-A602;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Chiodo Bros: Team America World Police Team America: World Police is as important as ever 13 years after its production. Take a peek behind the scenes of the most ambitious marionette movie ever attempted with Charles, Stephen, & Edward Chiodo. They’ll share stories & show never-before-seen images of how the project came together.
Presenters: Daniel Griffith(M), Charles Anthony ChiodoEdward ChiodoStephen ChiodoSat 05:30 pm;  « A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Puppetry on Broadway Our panelists discuss working on Broadway shows including Little Shop of Horrors, Shrek the Musical, Beauty and the Beast, & Imaginocean, as well as creating the character Rod in Avenue Q.
Presenters: Martin RobinsonJohn TartagliaSat 07:00 pm;  « A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Timey Wimey Puppet Show The Puppet Time Lords return with an all-new show! Audiences will enjoy a TARDIS sing-along, Extreme Doctor Makeovers, a Dalek quiz show, & more in this family-friendly favorite presented by puppeteer Mike Horner.
Presenters: Mike HornerSat 07:00 pm;  «» Imperial Ballroom;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Using Paper in Puppetry Puppetmaker & illustrator Lyon Hill demonstrates methods for creating puppets using paper–a cheap, plentiful, & surprisingly versatile construction material! Puppetmaker & toybuilder Tim Clarke demonstrates how to create prototypes for puppets from paper.
Presenters: Timothy J ClarkeLyon Forrest HillSat 08:30 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Honorable Mention In this hilarious one-woman show, performance artist Vanessa Valliere uses puppetry, clowning, & doll parts to tell stories of failure & success.
Presenters: Vanessa S ValliereSat 10:00 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Fernweh Visit a world of daft knights, talking animals, & gender-fluid gingerbread folk in this modern fairy tale epic. A bridge troll gets bored with his home life & takes off on one last storybook adventure. Tag along on this parlor show that’s one part Shrek & one part Death of a Salesman.
Presenters: Dana J SamborskiSat 11:30 pm;  A703;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Puppets in Motion (Pictures) It’s late. Why don’t you stumble on in, have a seat in the dark, & watch some messed up/silly/sweet puppet short films?
Presenters: Panelist: Darrell HazelrigSun 01:00 am;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Clowning & Puppetry Amplify your physicality! Explode the space! Learn how to use your body to become a better puppeteer. The audience is your most vital relationship on stage. We help you to activate your storytelling potential to communicate directly & with pizzaz!
Presenters: Alex VernonSarah Olmsted ThomasVanessa S ValliereSun 10:00 am;  « A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Making Sesame Street Learn how an episode of Sesame Street is created from start to finish. Writers, musicians, & puppeteers will take you through the whole process.
Presenters: Stacey Gordon, Paul Rudolph (GLANK), Martin RobinsonAnnie EvansJohn Tartaglia(M)Sun 10:00 am;  « Imperial Ballroom;   1 Hour(s);   Review
So You Want to Be a Puppeteer Our panel of professional puppeteers share where & how to get the training to become a professional puppeteer, including UCONN, Puppeteers of America, the National Puppetry Conference, & your local guild.
Presenters: Stacey Gordon(M), Alex VernonSarah Olmsted ThomasDana J SamborskiLyon Forrest HillSun 11:30 am;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Puppets as Toys: The Boglins & Sectaurs Creator Tim Clarke recounts the origins of the popular ’80s puppet toys lines, The Boglins & Sectaurs and their future.
Presenters: Phantom Troublemaker(M), Timothy J ClarkeSun 01:00 pm;  «» A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
A Very Merry Death Star Holiday Special Celebrate Life Day in this puppet parody of the 1978 Stars Wars Holiday Special from puppeteer Mike Horner! Go caroling with Chewbacca & Yoda, find out how droids celebrate the holidays, & join Luke & Leia as they shop for “The Gift of the Jedi.” Galactic fun for all ages!
Presenters: Mike HornerSun 01:00 pm;  « Grand West;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Puppetry for TV & Film Puppeteers demonstrate the unique skills & techniques used for television & film puppetry, referred to as monitor work in the industry. Limited audience participation.
Presenters: Stacey GordonMartin RobinsonSun 02:30 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Chiodo Bros: Stop-Motion Animation Projects Puppetry is about bringing inanimate objects to life. Stop-motion animation is sometimes left out of the conversation. The Chiodo Bros. discuss the process of their animated projects. From design, fabrication, & production, they share the uniquely handmade process of stop motion.
Presenters: Charles Anthony ChiodoEdward ChiodoStephen ChiodoPanelist: Whitney GraceSun 04:00 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Puppet Coaching & Characterization Make a good puppet character GREAT! An amazing opportunity to bring your own puppet characters & work one-on-one with professional puppeteers on character development & manipulation.
Presenters: Mike HornerStacey GordonMartin RobinsonDana J SamborskiVanessa S ValliereLyon Forrest Hill, Aretta BaumgartnerSun 05:30 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Chiodo Bros: Critters Charles, Stephen, & Edward Chiodo look back fondly at their first major effects project, Critters. The brothers share stories of the heyday of ’80s practical effects puppetry as they show never-before-seen behind-the-scenes video of the ‘ravenous fur balls with teeth.’
Presenters: Daniel Griffith(M), Charles Anthony ChiodoEdward ChiodoStephen ChiodoSun 07:00 pm;  «» A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
The Late Night Puppet Slam Bob & Carl, the Sci-fi Janitors, will be your hosts for a variety show of adult puppet acts featuring the talents of the guests and pros of the Puppetry Track & some other surprise special guests! One of the most unforgettable events of the Con! Ages 18+
Presenters: Mike HornerStacey GordonMark MeerAlex VernonSarah Olmsted ThomasNick MaleyMartin RobinsonDana J SamborskiVanessa S ValliereLyon Forrest HillPanelist: Bob & Carl: The Sci-Fi JanitorsMon 12:00 am;  Peachtree Ballroom;   2.5 Hour(s);   Review
Lotte Reiniger: Pioneer Film Animator & Puppeteer Before Walt Disney, Lotte Reiniger directed the first animated film, The Adventures of Prince Achmed. Her career spanned 60 years, but little is known about this pioneer animator & puppeteer. Animation guru Whitney Grace discusses Reiniger’s legacy & impact on the illusion of life.
Presenters: Panelist: Whitney Grace
AV: Cable – audio adapter: PC, Cable – PC Adapter VGA, Cart – Medium, Microphone, PA system, Projector – Video, Screen – 6ft.Mon 10:00 am;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
So You Want to Build a Puppet A Q&A session with a panel of professional puppet builders. Come with your questions on projects you are working on or ideas you have & get answers from the best.
Presenters: Kathleen O’Shea David(M), Mike HornerRobert AllsoppAlex VernonMartin RobinsonDana J SamborskiMon 11:30 am;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Let’s Talk about Mechs, Baby Explore the world of mechanisms & their use in puppetry. From shadow puppets to automata, learn how simple concepts can be applied to enhance your characters with moving eyes, wiggling mustaches, & more.
Presenters: Alex VernonSarah Olmsted ThomasMon 01:00 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review
Puppetry 101 – Adults An intro to puppetry styles & an in-depth exploration of puppetry techniques. Perfect for new puppeteers & the ‘puppet curious’! NOTE: This is for age 16 and over ONLY!
Presenters: Volunteer: Aretta BaumgartnerMon 02:30 pm;  A704;   1 Hour(s);   Review